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Do I need a reading before you begin the work?
Many rootworkers require a reading before work begins to assess the probability of success and whether the work is justified. I do not.

Do you turn anyone away? Must my work be justified?
When I have had to turn clients away, it was due to time or altarspace limitations, not their particular case. God is the final arbiter of the success or failure of any work we do. I take my clients' petitions to God with complete honesty, passion, and fervor.

I placed my order, but it did not allow me to upload a photo. How do I get pictures to you?
You may simply email your photos and story to my address. If you can name the photo files with the full names of the people involved, so much the better!

How soon will my work be started? Will you notify me when the work is started?
Vigil candles are on the altar within a week, and you will receive an email once they are lit. Rootwork can take ten days to begin, and no notification is sent. Feel free to follow up with Deacon Millett on rootwork services.

What's the difference between vigil candles and rootwork?
Vigil candles have been a part of the hoodoo tradition for about 50 years, since glass-enclosed vigil lights (aka "Seven Day Candles") were introduced. I consider them a form of container spell, since the glass jar holds the colored wax, condition oil, herbs, and curios with which the candles are fixed. They are blessed with prayer and consecrated to your petition -- just like any other spell.

What I like about vigil candles is that they burn continuously, giving them a surprising amount of strength at an affordable price. My rootwork services take longer to prepare, are more powerful, and come at a steeper price. I offer three types: jar spells, figural candle spells, and augmented vigil candle rituals (using extra items like scissors, crucifixes, and rose quartz hearts, for example). Since a run of 13 vigil candles (a season's worth) is about the same price as a Honey Jar Spell, it's a very personal decision which one is best for you.

Does Deacon take moon phases into account? Since we are now in waning phase, is it ok to do a love/drawing candle? Is it better to do blockbuster now?
Our new Moon Magic service allows you to order candles to be lit with the New or Full Moon each month. As the moon gets smaller, some say it's better to do work to make things go away. Blockbuster, Hotfoot, and Hexbreakers are good examples for such Full Moon Magic.

As the moon gets larger, the astrologically minded will do New Moon work to make things grow, whether love, luck, or money. That said, my maxim has always been, "If it matters, do it NOW."

Will I receive photos of your work?
I am a rootworker, not a photographer. Many of my colleagues at AIRR would be happy to send you photos. Please reach out to one of them.

How soon can I expect to see results?
I have gotten marriage proposals in a single day. I have also worked more than two years in order to successfully return an old boyfriend. And sometimes God just says "no."

How long should I give the work to take effect?
In reconciliation cases, the amount of time apart is a good measure of how long you should give the work a chance to take effect. If you've only been apart a week, it's far easier than if you've been apart for several months.

How many candles do I need to buy of each?
With vigil candles, the spell is working five to seven days per candle. So the real question is, how long do you want the work to last? Some people want a quick jumpstart to passion or help on a test. For those, one candle is the usual choice. Others have long-term goals, and for them I offer a full season of 13 candles at a reduced price. In reconciliation cases, the number of weeks apart is a good measure of how many candles to have burned for you.

If I am doing love spells myself will that interfere with the rootwork or vigil candles I will have done with the church?
Many people do work at home and have me back it up on my altars. As long as all works are the same "flavor," there is no conflict. If you're working a sweet little honey jar at home, don't have me doing Intranquil Spirit!

Can I combine candles? Meaning can Reconciliation and Three Skull candles be burned for me at the same time?
Multiple candles burned simultaneously can add great power to your prayers and petitions.

Do you need the backstory in regard to what we're asking for? Or can we just do the small Paypal petition and leave it at that?
A reading or involved backstory is not required. Many people simply use Four Altars to burn the candles they would at home -- but in privacy and safety.

What if we order, say, a 13 candle run and we accomplish our goal on, say, the sixth candle? What will happen with our run at that point?
Unless you ask for us to stop, your candles will continue. All candles are labeled, fixed, and consecrated at the beginning of a run, so they cannot be reused.

Is there a guarantee for the work to succeed? What happens if I don't see results?
In life, there are no guarantees, for God reserves the final say. No legitimate rootworker will ever promise perfect success. As with a lawyer, doctor, or other professional, I am paid for time and expertise, not outcome. I do not offer refunds once the work has commenced.

Will I be in contact with you guys through this process?
My focus is always on the work at hand. For those who want a more interactive experience, I recommend hiring a member of AIRR who works on retainer.

Should I just not even think about them and the work? Or do I need to focus on the outcome?
"Set it and forget it" is my advice to clients...unless I specifically ask you to do something special.

I didn't understand my candle report. Can Deacon explain it?
I know they are sometimes cryptic ("like a fortune cookie," one client said), but we now have over 200 candles on the altars at any given time, so I'm not able to discuss each candle report with you. A simple rule for such reports: take what you like and leave the rest.

The first line is a description of your candle. Here an assistant provides a straight-forward synopsis of what your candle looked like after the burn, including images seen in residue on the glass and any wax ring left at the foot of the candle. The second line is a divination. Here you are given a pure channeling from Spirit based upon the physical description of your candle at the moment.

When will I receive the candle reports for my work?
Here is how to estimate when your candle reports will be ready:
1) Begin with the date of completion of your order. (Completion means that images, names, petition, and payment have been received).
2) Add one week for your candle to be labeled, fixed, and consecrated.
3) Add another week for your candle to be burned.
4) Add another week for an assistant to write a short candle description.
5) Add another week to channel a brief divination based on that description.
Report still not in your inbox? Let us know! Subsequent reports on candle runs should arrive weekly.

Can you help me if I am financially unable to pay for the work?
AIRR has a wonderful pro bono service, and I am happy to contribute. Pro bono work focuses on protection, job searching, uncrossing -- that kind of thing. Love work is not done pro bono.

Can I ask for you to pray for me?
We will be happy to pray for you. Visit our Crystal Silence League page and join us in prayer!

For an e-mail reading on a situation, how many questions am I allowed to ask?
I ask the cards one question, and find the answer comes back clearest if I make it vague: "What lies ahead for X and Y and how can they best move forward?" Feel free to send multiple questions, since that points me toward specifics you are seeking.


If I am using the DUME or the Tower candle on someone will it hurt anyone else, especially any children?
It can, particularly if the collateral damage would provide great harm to the target (say, the death of a loved one, which would hurt the actual target).

Please help me understand the difference in your Blockbuster and Road-Opener vigil.
Blockbuster is more powerful and aimed at a single thing that stands in your way, or a psychological attribute that is troubling you that you need to conquer. Open Road is gentler and more generalized against all the little things that are in your way.

I was wondering if you can tell me how effective your Break Apart candles are? Is there something else I can do that is more effective?
You can add a Vinegar Jar as well -- but the Break Aparts are quite strong on their own. I am also now doing a Two Skull Break Apart job for stubborn cases.

Is the souring jar more effective than the break apart candle or the hot foot candle?
I've had excellent results with all three.

I did one break up candle for them should I do another candle or hot foot?
There's a reason we offer 3, 7, and 13 week runs. I'm very sensitive to the budgets of my clients. In general, the longer a work goes on, the stronger the chance of success.

Can I use the Hot Foot candle to send someone away from another person's life or is that just my life?
Hotfoot is Geographic and can be used that way.

How do the Three Skull vigils work?
Each Three Skull candle is personalized for the subject with graveyard dirt and herbs, calling upon God and the Ancestors to aid in our struggles.

Are you usually successful working with the I.S. candle? Also do you know of a specific I.S. to call on so that we can be sure it will work and not backfire?
I have had a lot of success -- and many workers refer people to me for I.S. And, YES, I use a very specific spirit so as not to create harm for myself. There are occasions, however, that the I.S. will not cooperate, whatever I do.

I had read somewhere that when you do the I.S. prayer the petitioner feels some of the effects the target does. I haven't (which is good), but my questions is, is this always the case? And if you don't feel some effects does that mean it isn't effecting the target?
I am very careful in the way I engage with the Intranquil Spirit, and I protect both myself and the petitioner from any effects whatsoever.

What is Hyssop used for and how do I use it for the Forgive and Forget ritual?
Hyssop is brewed as a tea which can be both drunk and poured into the bath. For Forgive and Forget, bathe by candle light before dawn, pouring the water down yourself and wiping from head downwards to feet. Let yourself air dry, then take some bathwater (a quart jar is perfect) to a crossroads. Throw the liquid (not the container) in the middle and turn around, never to look back.


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