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Deacon Millett

Looking for a love doctor? He wrote the book!

Deacon Millett is the pastor at Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary, the second church to join the Association of Independent Spiritual Churches. Here he leads a powerful and personal candle ministry as well as performing rootwork for his clients worldwide.

He is the author of two acclaimed books on love magic, Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells and Hoodoo Return and Reconciliation Spells, and has presented classes on sweetening and love work at the annual Hoodoo Heritage Festival Workshops in Forestville, California.

Deacon is a sought-after card reader and personal counselor and makes himself available for call-backs on Hoodoo Psychics, a phone network for readers trained in African American folk magic.

A frequent guest on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour, Deacon Millett has earned high praise from his colleagues in AIRR, the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, where he currently serves as Ombudsman.

Here are a few words of introduction from LMC Radio Network cohosts Cat Yronwode and ConjureMan Ali on March 4th, 2012:

CONJUREMAN ALI: --and all the listeners as well and very much excited to be talking to our good friend Deacon Millett once more who's our reconciliation and love expert over there.

CATHERINE YRONWODE: Yeah. Well, Deacon Millett, my longest time confederate and pal in this world. I tell you something, you are the reconciliation specialist, baby [laughter]....

You know, you really carved yourself a niche because people can really trust you with their love work. You know, there are so many readers and rootworkers, for whatever reason, they say, "you know, you didn't handle your relationship right, I'm not going to work for you 'cause I'm tired of working for these people who, you know, I do all this reconciliation work for them, they have a fight afterwards and I don't like it." Or they say things like, "oh, just give it up, just give it up, do a Cut and Clear, it's over." Right?

If you all have been treated that way by another rootworker or another reader, go to Deacon Millett. Four Altars, that's where you can go. And I'm going to say something on your behalf, Deacon Millett, you don't lie to people, you don't take their money for nothing. In other words, he's not going to say, this one is guaranteed to work, I promise you. I mend relationships in twenty-four hours or your money back. No, he says, I'm going to give it the best try I can. And he is sometimes the last ditch, you know, people who've made the rounds and they've tried many, many places. They go to Deacon Millett, they sometimes get satisfaction.

The other thing is he doesn't lie and say it's guaranteed. He says, I will take it and I'll do this case with respect and love. I'm just writing your ad copy for you, baby, I'm sorry [laughter].

...the thing about you is you're a very compassionate person and you're also a person who, as you said, you've been through it yourself and you don't judge. I mean, you really don't judge. And there are other people who are very good at love work but, I mean, like I said, you're the court of last resort. And you, if Deacon Millett can't make it right it ain't going to be made right. And that's spoken from the heart because I know how compassionate this man is and I've worked with him myself and I've been through hell with Deacon Millett by my side.

So, y'all don't need to know about my personal hell but I've been through it and this is the man who stood with me the whole time and got me where I needed to go and got me set up in my new life after I had to give up on the old one and you could not ask for a steadier companion as you navigate the reefs and shoals of broken love than Deacon Millett.

CONJUREMAN ALI: Oh, yeah. I got, I definitely agree with that. And I love the idea of having you, Deacon Millett, stand by someone who's going through reconciliation with light and sweetness and compassion. It's just a beautiful image and it's very evocative of the type of work that really is successful when it comes to reconciliation work. And we have one of your clients here in the chat, Diana, who said, Deacon Millett did an astrological reading for me which explained why I had so many road blocks in my life.

And that's another thing that you're very talented at and I know that I do some astrology but I send all my cases where they're interested in finding out what's going on in the relationship astrologically to you. Because you do this wonderful couples astrological reading which will really take a look at what may be holding the relationship back; and that's going to a whole other level of reconciliation love....

CATHERINE YRONWODE: If you do need anyone to work in those areas, Deacon Millett has absolutely the most respect from me and from others. As I say, he helped me and, you know, when needed it he stood by me. So, he's a person that comes with my highest recommendation. So--

CONJUREMAN ALI: [interposing] And mine as well.

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Deacon Millett