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Container Spells and Figural Candle workings will return on January 11. Try these instead!

Cross of Gold Love Working

Fifteen powerful love candles are selected for you and your beloved, then burned in the shape of a cross around a rose quart heart over the course of three weeks. Strong enough to influence the most difficult Return or Reconciliation situation, the Cross of Gold may also be used as a potent jumpstart for your Honey Jar.

Scissor Spell (3 weeks)

Uses one positive and one negative vigil candle per week, with scissors between them to cut an interloper out of your relationship. Whether its an extramarital affair or a meddlesome mother-in-law, the scissors spell cuts them away, freeing your relationship to be strengthened in peace. Perfect for a variety of situations in the home or office. May also be used for Cut and Clear work.

Planetary Remediation (3 weeks)

To ameliorate crossed astrological conditions. Stubborn crossed conditions often feel fated or "in the stars." This working helps to soothe these trouble spots and blast through lifelong blockages. Specific planetary candles and oils work to harmonize astrological conflicts. Order one Planetary Remediation for each of the planets involved in your specific case.

Double Skull Breakup (3 weeks)

With or without a Vinegar Jar to break apart couples, this working uses Black and White Skull vigils to create acrimony and regret. Save this for stubborn situations that refuse to budge.

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